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New!!! Metabolic Control Program

You’ve heard the advice. Whether it’s for medical or personal reasons, you need to lose a little weight or watch what you eat because your cholesterol or blood pressure is high. Or, maybe you need to watch your fat and salt intake.

Let’s face it. Your lifestyle affects your health tremendously. We have found that patients that have fallen into an unhealthy lifestyle would do anything to turn back the clock. If you’re ready to change your NUTRITIONAL LIFESTYLE forever, read on!

We now know it’s easier for a client to follow a program and that compliance is significantly increased if we can modify the program to meet the client’s needs. There’s only one beneficial way to lose the body fat and really get healthy; change your nutritional lifestyle. That is what Metabolic Control is all about. We base our nutritional advice on your medical / nutritional needs and lifestyle.

A Wellness Coach will present you with a program and menu that makes sense, fits into your hectic life and covers the most important points that discussed with thousands of patients in the last 15 years. In only a few moments, we share with you the entire program:

  • Your desired number of meals
  • Size of your meals
  • Your goal weight
  • Your metabolic rate
  • Your rate of weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance
  • Your exercise choices (if cleared by your physician)
  • Your Lifestyle and food preferences.

Doesn’t this Make Sense?

We also provide a personalized menu that you can easily customize to your own personal lifestyle. No more computer-generated menus that are hard to follow or contain things you can’t eat or don’t like. You see, while most diet companies provide menus for you to follow with recipes, many people get bored with such a regimented menu after only a couple of weeks and do not know how to substitute menu items. I often explain that anybody can read a menu, but can you make your own menu in 20 minutes that fits into your lifestyle and is healthy for the rest of your life? We do this for you.

Specific selections will be provided based on your lifestyle, medical and nutritional goals. We Get Specific!

  • Healthy carbohydrates
  • Healthy proteins
  • Healthy fats
  • Healthy fiber
  • Healthy snacks
  • ample custom menus
  • Healthy grocery list
  • What to feed your family
  • How to eat at restaurants and when traveling

We explain the science behind The Metabolic Control Program, and our patients always agree that it is more gratifying to understand the science behind nutrition than to try to blindly follow something they don’t understand. Plus, if you’re taking a nutritional supplement or medication, you can continue taking it, because our program is complementary to what your doctor recommends. Once you reach your goal weight, we then change the amount of food you’re eating. As always, the same nutritional principles still apply-it’s a life changing metamorphosis and not a diet.