The Truth Behind Prescription Weight Loss

weight loss evansville in | Advanced Anti-Aging & Weight Loss Prescription weight loss became extremely popular in the 90’s when medication like Fen Phen hit the market, giving people quick results by simply taking a drug alone. However, Fen Phen was quickly taken off the market when it was discovered that many patients taking this drug were suffering from heart valve disease. Ever since this scare, weight loss patients everywhere are a bit skeptical about prescription weight loss. However, by using natural HcG prescription pills and being monitored by the experts at Advanced Anti Aging & Weightloss, you can lose that extra weight without having to worry about things such as heart disease. Read on to learn more.

How It Works
HcG is a natural hormone found in your body that works to control your hunger and appetite to help you shed the pounds. Additionally, many of our patients at Advanced Anti Aging & Weightloss claim that the HcG hormone also works to burn abnormal fat that otherwise would be extremely hard to burn.

How Is It Safe?
Because HcG is a natural hormone it doesn’t work by speeding up your heart rate and causing unnecessary excessive heart palpitations, but it simply just curbs your appetite. Additionally, during the entire time that you are on this hormonal drug, you will come into our office once a week in order to be monitored— to make sure the drug is working properly and that you are losing a correct amount of weight.

What Can Dieters Expect?
Not only can dieters and participants in our prescription weight loss program expect to lose weight, but they can also expect to create a new relationship with food. Because your body won’t crave as many things as before, you will learn to appreciate quality foods that are low in fat and calories— and you will learn to stop eating when you are full!

If you would like to learn more about our prescription weight loss program or if you would like to meet one of our weight loss experts, contact Advanced Anti Aging & Weightloss today!


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