Are you tired of the hassle of tweezing, shaving and waxing your unwanted body hair? Contact Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss clinic today and take advantage of one of our top-requested services – laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive treatment that is commonly practiced throughout the United States. From a handheld laser, a concentrated beam of light is passed over the area into hair follicles. The pigment of the follicles absorbs the light, destroying the hair.

Prior to treatment, the hair of the treated areas will be trimmed to just a few millimeters in length. The laser can also be adjusted to take the color, location and thickness of the hair into consideration as well as the color of your skin in order to achieve the most accurate results.

What areas can laser hair removal treat?

Laser hair removal effectively removes hair for a period of time from face, leg, arm, underarm, and bikini areas.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Some of the many benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Laser hair removal effectively target unwanted hairs while leaving surrounding skin uncompromised.
  • Unlike the tedious process of tweezing or shaving, laser hair removal can successfully eradicate several hairs at the same time, treating an area the size of a quarter every second. Small areas may be fully treated in minutes, whereas large areas may only take up to an hour.
  • After more than one session, customers may experience longer periods of time between hair growth or even permanent loss of hair in those areas.

Men can also take advantage of this fast, safe procedure with all of the same benefits as women. Prior to receiving laser hair treatment, you should not tweeze, pluck or shave the hair of the areas you’re going to treat for at least six weeks, as this could affect the laser technology being able to effectively find and target the roots of the hairs.

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Laser hair removal is a common practice but also requires medical training and experience. Here at Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss, our staff has the medical credentials and training necessary to perform this treatment professionally and with optimum concern for the customer.

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