Am I a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

One of the reasons why individuals are so interested in chemical peels is because they have been able to effectively treat a wide variety of skin issues. They have been able to treat acne scars, other facial scarring, crow’s feet, aging skin, sun damage, wrinkles and moderate sagging skin. There are very few other treatments out there that can help an individual deal with so many problems at once. Before you schedule a consultation, you may be interested to know what really makes a good chemical peel candidate.

The very first thing that would qualify you as a good chemical peel candidate is having a skin issue that can actually be treated by a chemical peel. You would need to have at least one of the above-mentioned skin conditions. Also, you want to have realistic expectations about what the treatment can do for you. You need to understand how the treatment works, which will allow you to schedule downtime and take necessary steps to prepare for aftercare.

You must also have relatively healthy skin. Your skin must be free from infection, and you should not have cuts or broken skin. Also, if you have recently experienced a sunburn, you want to allow your skin to heal and then come in for treatment.

It is important for you to understand how chemicals peels work to prepare for treatment as well as to understand what your skin will actually go through when you come in for treatment. There are basically three types of chemical peels. The first is a superficial peel, sometimes referred to as a lunchtime peel. It is a very light peel and is used to smooth your skin and deal with mild discoloration.

The next option is a medium peel, which contains a stronger chemical solution and is designed to treat moderate skin problems. Then there is a deep peel, which gives you dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin, but it requires some downtime.

The very best way for you to find out if a chemical peel is right for you is to schedule a consultation at Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss in Evansville. During this meeting, we will help you decide on the best treatment to deal with your skin issues. Our chemical peel treatments can even be performed on the neck and hands! Contact us today to book your appointment to learn more.