Reducing body circumference and eliminating body fat are two goals most people have, but sometimes even diet and exercise cannot target the most stubborn areas. At Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss, our UltraShape® V3 technology is a non-invasive option to reduce stubborn fat with real results and zero downtime.*

Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss is located in Evansville, Indiana, and offers several cosmetic, weight loss and body contouring treatments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out more about UltraShape® V3 body contouring.

What is the UltraShape® V3?

ultrashape evansville in | Advanced Anti-Aging & Weight LossWhile cosmetic surgery is still a popular option for tightening and toning problematic areas of the body, more and more people are seeking non-surgical options to decrease recovery time and eliminate post-procedure complications.

The UltraShape® V3 involves ultrasound waves that are delivered in pulses, selectively targeting fat cells in treated areas. The UltraShape® V3 is designed to add better shape and contours to the love handles, abdomen and thighs at a controlled depth that does not harm surrounding skin, blood vessels or nerves.

What are the Benefits of UltraShape® V3?

Choosing UltraShape® V3 for your body contouring needs has several benefits, such as:

  • Innovative technology that destroys fat cells for long-lasting results while maintaining the integrity of surrounding tissues
  • Results that are predictable and consistent with no guesswork or irregular treatment*
  • No bruising, swelling or downtime in comparison to other body contouring treatments
  • Treatments are comfortable and relatively painless
  • UltraShape® V3 is a quick “walk in, walk out” procedure that is easy to fit into any busy schedule
  • Results are visible within just a few weeks
  • This treatment has a high satisfaction rate with no adverse effects reported

How Long Will My Results Last?

Fat cells that are removed are gone from the body, however, major body changes such as pregnancy and weight gain can affect results. Although results are visible in just a few weeks after the first treatment, multiple sessions are often required in order to achieve desired results.*

Am I a Good Candidate for UltraShape® V3?

Although this treatment is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, UltraShape® V3 body contouring can benefit both men and women whose body types are considered either average or overweight. During your consultation, our medical team will evaluate your health, medical history, cosmetic expectations and goals to determine whether this treatment is right for you.

Contact Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss today to schedule a consultation and find out how UltraShape® V3 can improve your body’s shape and natural contours.

*Individual results may vary